In addition to the reefer side of the business, we specialize in hauling food & beverage on the dry side as well. Raw ingredients, spices, seasonings, flour, coffee, cooking oil, pasta, sauce, chocolate, water, soft drinks, energy drinks, and of course produce to name a few.  We are setup and approved to haul into all the major grocery warehouses such as WalMart, Walgreens, CVS, C&S, and AWG to mention a few.

Other industries included are auto parts for the major car manufacturers, many types of plastics, abrasives, HVAC, beauty supplies, water treatment systems, cable equipment, packaging materials, stone, tile, etc. No matter what your dry freight transportation needs, Unlimited Logistics has the solution.

The technology we use is a priority at Unlimited Logistics. We are able to track our drivers from origin to destination through applications such as  Four Kites, Macropoint, and Trucker Tools. We also track trailers by independent GPS tracking units. Our proprietary software allows for the integration and communication between our TMS and multiple freight tracking software platforms. This ensures that we are able to pinpoint the location of your freight at any time.