Parcel Analytics

The 3D Approach Explained

Parcel Audit

  • Comprehensive invoice, service, and compliance audits.
  • Provides the data to drive objective decisions.
  • Our proprietary, cloud-based software automatically downloads a copy of your carrier invoice and secures a full refund for every invalid surcharge and late delivery. The refunds go directly back into your account as credits, and we invoice a month in arrears for 50% of the savings.

Parcel Intelligence

  • Provides a diagnosis of issues and opportunities from your parcel data.
  • Cloud-based software, providing comparative metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), reports, and custom alerts.
  • We use the data contained in the carrier invoice's raw .csv file to provide you on-demand visibility into critical KPIs and advanced cost-saving analytics through our Parcel Intelligence Platform.

Parcel Engineering

  • Design prescriptive solutions for optimal savings.
  • Objective, comprehensive benchmarking with contract simulation technology.
  • With more than 3,300 clients, we have the technology to benchmark your contracted rates and tell you precisely how your rates compare to those best in class, and arm you with data-driven negotiation technology to level the playing field with FedEx and UPS.