Unlimited Logistics has deep roots in refrigerated freight services. As our sister company, Keith Connell Inc. began buying, selling, and shipping fresh produce across North America in 1980, we have operated under the mantra that running top quality owner/operators and top quality equipment provides more consistent results. With the inherent time and temperature sensitive nature of the freight, we know the importance of consistent and reliable transportation to get your product from point A to point B. Over the last 10 years we have moved over 90,000 loads of produce, meat, chocolates, and nursery stock.

Unlimited Logistics has the experience necessary to anticipate problems that may arise when transporting refrigerated freight. Slow loading times, delays of trucks crossing international borders, and equipment malfunctions are all issues that have to be handled without delay. Building strong relationships with freight forwarding companies at ports of entry into the United States allow us to get more accurate import/export information. We also have an extensive network of drivers and trailers that we can draw from to rescue any shipment that may be immobilized en route to delivery. Rest assured that a transportation specialist will be available to handle any issues that may arise.

The technology we use is a priority at Unlimited Logistics. We are able to track our drivers from origin to destination through applications such as Four Kites, Macropoint, and Trucker Tools. We also track trailers by independent GPS tracking units. Downloadable reefer units and temperature recorders are required in our trailers to keep a record of accurate temperature for your product during the life of the load. Temperature and location of your product is constantly being monitored.